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Conceptually, an audit is the official examination of a company's financial records or ledger. Put another way, auditing is the process by which a team of independent auditors or an independent auditor performs an analysis of an organisation's financial report. The subject of auditing is highly valued by students worldwide due to its significant role in the finance and accountancy fields. This prime objective of the auditing process is to determine whether the data the company presents in its annual reports is accurate and compliant with all relevant laws, rules, and regulations.

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Auditing in Academia

Auditing as a subject is associated with scrutiny and verification of records and statements of accounting to evaluate The study of auditing involves examining and validating accounting records and statements in order to determine the veracity of financial statements. It is an idea grounded in formal accounting of transactions and concentrates on analysing such records in the context of auditing code and principles. A few fundamental auditing concepts include auditing, auditors, internal control accounting standards, and the auditor's role as a watchdog. In this case, the goal is to evaluate the profit and loss statement in order to analyse the balance sheet of the company.p>